Brett Benowitz was born in Newport Beach, California on October 23rd 1988. He grew up listening to his mom sing Patsy Cline and Bob Dylan on the piano, and his dad play The Doors and The Grateful Dead on the radio. He started singing and playing piano at an early age and later picked up the guitar and began to write songs. Brett was drawn to funk, rock, soul, and blues, and when he was 20 he studied abroad in Israel where he performed his original songs in bars and clubs with his guitar duo band, Lechem V’Dagan (Bread and Wheat). There he decided to make music his mission in life, and after graduating from The University of Georgia two years later, Brett moved to New York City to pursue music and theatre. Brett Benowitz was born in Newport Beach, California and grew up in Cartersville, Georgia. As a kid he was drawn to the funky style of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the virtuous guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix. Brett’s music is blue-eyed soul with groove and passion.  With emotional lyrics, funky guitar licks, and powerful vocals most often compared to that of Jeff Buckley’s, Brett bares his soul in his songs with heartfelt messages and catchy melodies you’ll be humming in your sleep.